More Things that Go Bump in the Night Legal Webinar

With Halloween approaching, our presenter, Jeffrey J. Greenberger, a partner at Greenberger & Brewer, LLP in Cincinnati is back to present a webinar on a new list of actions in your operations that can expose you to a lawsuit. These will not be the basics, such as a failure to properly conduct a lien sale. Rather, Jeff wants to take you on a more advanced review of the other things you do (or fail to do) that can put you at risk for a lawsuit.

Topics include: Failure to properly verify the source of a request to change an occupant’s address or email; failure to properly prepare for the storage of and ask for information about vehicles stored in the space; and failure to properly understand and require Occupant’s indemnity in your Rental Agreement. The goal is to make sure that you avoid an unpleasant and spooky lawsuit surprise that you could have managed to control and avoid if you had taken proper precautions along the way.

As always, Jeff will present the webinar in a lighthearted manner and allow time to answer your questions.

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