Connecticut Lien Law Success

Effective July 1, 2022, the Connecticut State Statute regarding the lien process is updating for the better!

As of July 1st, Connecticut facilities can benefit from these updates in the following ways:

  • Default Notices can now be sent by Certified Mail, instead of Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.
  • If you choose to advertise a sale, you may now do so in any print or online newspaper of substantial general circulation, or you can do so on any publicly accessible independent website that regularly conducts online auctions of personal property. You also only have to advertise one time not less than ten days before the date of sale.
  • Towing of motor vehicles and vessels is now allowed in lieu of selling them when the tenant is delinquent for at least sixty days.

Please note that the above changes have been summarized.

Of course, individual facilities will have to make changes to how they operate in order to benefit from these legislative updates, and NeSSA is here to assist.

Any active member who has maintained their membership and already purchased a standard indoor and/or outdoor vehicle/vessel lease agreement through NeSSA will receive an update of the lease(s) once we receive them from our attorney. If you are an active member and you have never purchased your state lease through NeSSA, you can easily do so online.

We are also updating our Connecticut online resource library to reflect these changes. Some of these resources include a basic lien sale outline, default notices, templates, etc.

Additionally, we are including dedicated educational time for this topic at the September 29th Fall Retreat. Joe Doherty, SSA’s Chief Legal & Legislative Officer, will present on these changes and what they mean for your facility operations.

Finally, if you ever have questions, you can always come to us and ask. NeSSA will find answers for our members in a timely manner.

We are grateful to the Self Storage Association’s Legal & Legislative Counsel for their diligence and work within our state. Amazingly, this whirlwind legislation took only about four months from when this opportunity first arose to when these changes officially went into effect. This allowed for a quick legislative victory, and NeSSA’s Board of Directors was happy to donate $10,000 towards this effort on behalf of our members.

We hope this news excites you as much as it did us! We are committed to providing better standards, practices, and protections in our local self storage communities. This is a great accomplishment for our Connecticut members and shows what can happen when we work together for the betterment of our industry.

You can read through the full revised statute here.